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Alentejo Rural house

Emibel, which was handwritten by the owner’s father, was born out of a dream based on an old love story. The love of a young couple in love, Emídio and Isabel, who buy their first house in Estoril where they will raise their children and decide to call it Emibel, putting their two names together like two pieces of a puzzle. The current owner, Paulo, lived in that house for 28 years.

After this chapter, in 2021, the opportunity arises to fulfill the dream by acquiring this house and, as a form of tribute, bring the name Emibel to the small village of Granja on the banks of the Alqueva, eternalizing it as the love story of the owner’s parents.

Between Monsaraz and Mourão, the village of Granja holds the best kept secrets of Alentejo and its people.

Casa Emibel consists of a typical Alentejo house, with its original arches and ceilings, which give it a rusticity so characteristic of the region. A backyard where animals used to graze and where subsistence products were taken, currently transformed into a garden with all the comfort and beauty without losing the roots of the former owners, which are kept alive in the four original olive trees with more than 100 years old.

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